About Us

Mission Statement

Loyola Muslims’ Student Association hopes to:

I. Reflect the principles of Islam through its traditions of:
—-a) appreciation and outreach
—-b) servitude to humanity
—-c) intellectual enlightenment
II. Serve the Loyola community by creating safe spaces that promote critical thinking and open dialogue
III. Create an inclusive environment that fosters personal and spiritual growth while cultivating brotherhood and sisterhood


The Association shall be a non-profit, non-political organization, a symbol of unity, brotherhood, and sisterhood among Muslim students of different origin, nationality, ethnicity, and culture. We seek to foster an environment that allows students to gain a deeper understanding of their faith and strengthen their relationship with God, the last Prophet (S), and the last and final testament (The Qur’an).

The MSA is actively involved in connecting the Loyola community with various religious, social, and recreational activities such as lectures, seminars, and exhibitions. Social gatherings, picnics, and sports are also part of the MSA’s regular activities, serving as a means of promoting understanding and forming lasting friendships.