Chaplain’s Corner

We are honored and blessed to have Omer Mozaffar as our beloved Muslim Chaplain at Loyola University Chicago. Chaplain Mozaffar is a mentor and teacher for students throughout Loyola, and he works closely with the MSA to offer weekly classes that are open to the student body.

A message from the chaplain…

Assalamu Alaykum
Dear Students,
I hope this reaches you with the best of health and Iman.
As your Chaplain, I hope to be in touch with each of you personally. Please do visit me during my Office Hours in Campus Ministry. I am happy to schedule appointments, but walk-ins are usually welcome.
I want to take a moment to introduce myself. I was born in Pakistan, but I’ve been a lifelong Chicagoan for the past 40 some years. Though my home mosque was the Frankfurt mosque (known as the American Islamic Association) in the far South Suburbs, I’ve been involved in the Muslim community in literally all of its corners and center. I ran the MSA at my alma mater, Columbia College Chicago. At Columbia, I earned a BA in Film/Video. Currently, I live in the South Shore of Chicago, about a half hour away from campus.
I went into Academics a bit over a decade ago, retiring from all other professional work. In large part, nobody could answer my questions about Islam, belief, or life. So, I decided to pursue my own answers. I’ve had the privilege of secular and traditional Islamic studies, from some teachers who were fantastic, and others not so fantastic; but I am thankful for all of them. These studies continue through to this day. I’ve taught courses at many of the colleges and universities all across Chicago, mostly Islamic studies, but also World Religions, film classes, and other subjects in the humanities.
Speaking of film, I also write essays on movies at I’ve also been pulled in to start writing for another site also, called
You might find it interesting that most of my speaking experience comes as trial by fire. When I used to work downtown in the Loop, the Downtown Islamic Center staff made me one of their backup Imams for Friday prayers. I used to average about a thousand lectures, talks, and sermons a year. I’ve slowed down quite a bit, though.
My first semester at Loyola was in the Spring of 2008, teaching a section of Introduction to the Qur’an. I’ve taught a few other courses since then, including Intro to Islam, Revival and Reform in Islamic History and Thought, and a course on Muslim Literature. I’m now your Chaplain, and am eager to serve.
May Allah bless you,
Omer M